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Do you prefer Horned or De-horned goats for packing

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I like the horns. I do understand and think your decision needs to be based somewhat on where you live and your plans for your goat. Here in the mountains of Idaho, predators are a real possiblility. Lions, tigers and bears, on my!. Well no tigers but wolves indeed. Not to mention domestic dogs. If your goats are going to be exposed to these conditions, it seems to me that you should provide them with a form of defense and that would be horns. We were contacted in the past few weeks by a lady trying to get a value for a 3.5 year old Alpine packer that was killed. Not by a dog but by a bear. Yes a Black Bear. First I have ever heard of this. And not even in the west but PA. Couldn't believe it. The bear came right through the fence into the barn lot and killed the goat. PA Fish and Game even called to verify pricing. Anyways, the goat did NOT have horns. I do wonder how things would have been if the goat did have horns.
1 - 1 of 93 Posts
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