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Do you prefer Horned or De-horned goats for packing

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I too like the looks of horns on goats. Lots of my friends have goats with horns and they do fine. Since we have kids (human), we disbud all our babies. I have also seen the damage they can do. My past boss had 11 staples put in his head from a horned goat. He was working on a fence and the goat came up and smashed him in the head when we was bent down working on the botton of the fence.
At this point in time, our packers are dairy goats and we have one wether that is 9 months old. We are hoping to keep wethers out of this springs kids. I have heard of horror stories of horned goats tearing up dairy goats and I don't want this to happen to our girls. So some day, down the road, I would like to have horned goats.

Debbie L.
1 - 1 of 93 Posts
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