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    Oct 5, 2010
    I have a doe that kidded about 10 days ago...had kid and Mom penned up together due to the cold weather. It was warm yesterday so I put both outside with the rest of the herd. The doe that had the baby was acting very "buckish". She was head butting, tongue flapping, sniffing and curling her top lip up!!?? She also is pushing her baby away. After seeing this for several hours I put mom and kid back in the pen together and she still was pushing the baby away. I have to hold the doe so the baby can eat. Any ideas or any one else ever had this problem?? :whatgoat:
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    Oct 5, 2007
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    She was trying to re-establish her place in the herd, mine have done the same but they've never pushed babies away.


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    Oct 5, 2010
    So how many weeks do I need to hold the does so the baby can nurse...if she won't do it voluntarily?? The baby is already nibbling at hay and feed...not consuming much...but nibbling.
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    Jan 17, 2011
    I would also be interested to know just how long a doe and her kids should be isolated together for nursing. I will have 5 does due in the next 30-45 days and I would have thought 10 days would be long enough.
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    Oct 4, 2007
    I do a 5-7 days of kids and mom being separate.

    Mom probably is in heat and trying to establish dominance for her and her kid she wants her kid not to get involved or hurt so she pushes it away during this time.

    Some does do this I've seen but its rare.

    Try introducing one do to her pen with her and the kid so she can work slowly at re entry into the herd
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    Sometimes does will act bucky. I have one that acts like a buck every time she comes into heat. She flaps her tongue, makes buck noises, paws at the other girls and mounts them. I have another who is due the first week of March who was acting like a buck a couple of nights ago. She was making buck noises and wagging her tongue at the other girls and pawing. She is definitely pregnant, you can feel her kids kicking up a storm. It isn't too uncommon.

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    Oct 5, 2010
    She has calmed down on the "bucky" behavior...must have been a re-entrance into the herd after being isolated for several days as someone mentioned in the previous post...still pushing away her baby though. Gonna do a little more inspecting tomorrow with her udder and try to check out whats going on there. I have seen my does in heat mounting other does etc...but not avoid their newborn kid. I have a pen outside that I can separate mom and baby from the herd but they can still see each other. The only problem is that the weather is going to get bad here for the next couple days and I would rather have them all together in the big barn for warmth reasons. I think if I can get thru the next two or three days the baby will be alright since the does has calmed down with the other does (still not nursing the baby without assistance). The pen I will put them in after the weather clears will allow the baby to come and go as needed. Should I put one of my other does in with them so they can huddle up and stay warm together?? I have one doe who is very, very gentle with all the other animals or I have two weanlings who lost their mother a week or so ago they are eating hay and grain nand seem to be triving very well...maybe I should put the two of them in with the mom and new kid?? This has sure been a crappy year for tending to goats...i have renamed my hobby "GOAT RASSLIN"...haha. Everyday I go to work and tell my experiences they get a big belly laugh. I may ask some co-workers to come out and help me one day...just one day..and I bet they would have a whole new appreciation for my stories!!! LOL!!! :laugh:
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    I would lock her up in a small pen and get her to bond with her kid.... and yes check to she if anything is going on with her udder...

    In the barn area...can you make a small pen in there and put up wood sheets to block her view from the others? No other Does or kids that are not hers should be in the pen with her...Only her baby and her.... you don't want any distractions....for bonding... :wink: