Doe Breeding Problem?

Discussion in 'Goat Management' started by AimeesGoats, Oct 25, 2020.

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    I took one of my does to a buck in April and I brought her back home sometime in May. She was there for about 45 days and when we went to go pick her up, the owner of the buck said that the buck mounted her many, many times throughout the 45 days. It was constant breeding all the time and the doe would stand still the entire time.

    This was her first time being bred and she was supposed to kid in September to October, but it's almost November now and there are no kids on the ground. She didn't develop an udder or anything either.

    I had asked my aunt who breeds Boer goats as well and she said this is not normal and she might have an egg problem where they do not drop. Could this be the case?

    I am going to put her with my new breeder buck soon, does anyone think she will take this time? Was last time just a fluke?
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    Do you have free choice loose salt and minerals out for her?

    Is she copper or selenium deficient?

    Mineral deficiencies, being obese , internal issues, hormonal issues can create her not to take.

    Maybe get a vet involved, they may be able to help her.
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    Constant breeding the entire time is not good. She may have a problem or the buck was aggressive and she gave up and just stood there for him. She may have absorbed a pregnancy if she was bullied. I'd check her for a uterine infection if the buck was constantly breeding her.