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Sounds like cystic ovaries. Being a little chunk can be an issue as well. Hormones are a funny thing. Many give 2 shots of cystorelin..1 shot as soon as you see her take with the buck and the second 24 hours later. Im betting there is a thread on here about this. I beleive Little Bits shares ? Bit if you do a search on will find it.
Yep that's what I did with mine. It took two treatments that year and finally got her to settle. The next year though she pulled the same crap. Since the bottle was $60 and Didn't have a super long shelf life I filled her instead of taking the chance of having to buy a bottle a year to get her to settle.
But she was also short cycling, it's been awhile but I want to say it was every 2 weeks she was cycling. Since I don't really have a goat vet I had to do my own looking into the issue and short cycling is usually caused by being cystic
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