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Doe due in 14 days is bleeding

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She is due on the 14th and tonight she was outside away from everyone bellowed when she saw me but won't let me touch her which isn't normal she has no udder ligaments are still present isn't acting like she is having contractions but she won't let me touch her very much Beard Primate Terrestrial animal Liver Fur


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Did you look around to see if she lost the babies? with only 14 days to go there would be evidance...
Its not a lot of blood, could be she rubbed it on something...
is there a buck in with her?
Yes I didn't find anything no buck in with her she isn't still bleeding
Whew that's good to hear, keep an eye on her.
I agree with canthavejustone...use a mild soap and water wash to clean her bottomand get a good look...I should have suggested that as well : )
Maybe you could wash her gently to see if it's bleeding on the surface or if it's internal bleeding Like a miscarriage......
Did she eat normally today,was she walking normal(not in pain), are there sharp surfaces where she could hurt herself?
She is eating normal walking fine just staying away from the rest of herd
This morning my girl seems to be doing ok no more bleeding
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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