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doe given lutalyce

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Ok so my vet gave a doe of mine a shot of lut on the 8th, and here it is the 10th and nothing has changed! How can she be given lut and nothing happen?? She is over due. I would call my vet but he is on vacation so I am on my own! mmmmmm what could I do, should I give her another shot or wait? Is she just not ready?
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Anything yet? I would keep a eye on her. It takes about 2 days for it to really set in. I bet you have babies tonight.
lol, well she is making progress now, her cervix is opening up and we are starting to have contractions. So hopefully soon, hopefully we get girls :girl: :girl: :girl: :girl: :girl: :girl: :girl:
Yay!! Babies comin' soon :girl: :girl: :girl:
Re: doe given lutalyce**Update**

Ok, I am starting to get worried, her cervix is the same and is not changing, she is up and down, not TOOO uncomfortable but enough to make me worry. Anything I should do or just play a wait an see, I do feel babies moving so no one is dead in there that I know about!
Ho far overdue is she? Sorry I can't be of any help..........
How long has she been in labor? Is she having any really hard contractions? Any bubbles coming out yet?
oh dear I hope all went well last night
OK,SSF. How are we doing today? I am hoping you are out in the barn with your new does. Let us know.
Ok, well I ended up having to go in, her cervix FINALLY opened, well she was not pushing what so ever and she was getting very very tried, so I went in yet again and sure enough all I felt was ribs :roll: so I rearranged and pulled a very cute little boy, but he was dead, I couldent bring him back to life either, then I reached in again and there was another baby, so I pulled that one and it was alive, another little boy. He sure is cute, blue eyes and everything. Momma is very sore and very tired, baby is small but strong. SO I am thinking that since there wasent a nose and feet pushing against that cervix thats why it wasent opening. Oh well, we got it taken care of!

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I'm sorry you lost the one but the second boy is very cute. I hope everyone, doe, buckling and you, recover uneventfully.
:clap: :clap: He is ADORABLE. Congratulation. I am so sorry that you lost the first one but WOW is this one so darn cute.
Glad to hear mom is doing ok. Lots of pampering she will need, and she so deserves. When I have a doe that is really sore and tired from a hard delivery, I always give them Anica Montana, and they seem to bounce back a little faster.
I am just so happy that all well really pretty well. :leap: :stars:
My sympathy for the baby that did not make it, but you sure got a nice looking little man there!


What a dinky lil' one he is!! And so cute with those blue eyes. Sorry you lost his brother and I hope his mama is resting and recovers for you, get some much needed rest I'm sure this little one will be fine. :boy: CONGRATULATIONS!
Hi, thank you guys, mom is doing ok, she is very tired and very sore, that was not a fun birth at all. I am thinking about pulling him and putting him on the bottle just so mamma dosent have to put out the extra effort to milk. She is one of the dairy ones that put everything into their milk and honestly she just dosent have it! I will probably pull him tomarrow after he has had about 48 hours of colostrum. We will see how mom is doing tomarrow. Now to more news, I was checking out my calender and noticed....oh shoot I have another FF due!!! Went out to check her and her ligs are soft and she is looking uncomfortable... I am getting tired! So many babies and lack of sleep! After this one tho I will have a break for about 2 maybe 3 weeks.....geezzz.. :ZZZ: I am awake I swear.. I can barley spell lol. Ok I will keep every one posted!
Wake up! Wake up! You can't sleep yet!! LOL I was waiting for Izzy and ran out of FOOD! Knowing she would kid the second I left, I had my DIL come and babysit...worked like a charm! So, get a babysitter and go for a ride! But, not too far! Good luck on the next one, pretty baby! Sorry you lost one...good show on your part though...if you hadn't gone in when you did you'd lost them both.

oh that could have ended so badly!

Congratulations on the beautiful boy!
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