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Doe having signs of giving birth but has no milk?

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My lamancha doe is about a year and half old. She doesn't have any udder development. But yesterday suddenly a string of pink gooey stuff shot out of her and then she had this blob of pink gooey stuff sticking out of her.
Tiny fractions of it came out as the hours passed.
:whatgoat: I was confused. She has no milk and she has red urine a month or two ago.
I thought that maybe she was giving birth. But then the next morning all that gooey stuff wasn't sticking out anymore.
There wasn't any stuff on the floor.
I'm confused what is going on. :confused:
Here are some pics of her today.


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I'm not sure if she was bred or not,
She has been in the same fenced area with a lamancha buck for months.
Based in the information provided and the pictures, I would say she has aborted. I don't mean to tell you your business, but you might also want to up her feed a bit. She appears to be thin. Do any of your other goats knock her around?
She does not look preg to me. Did you find the reason for the red urine?
Does she get loose minerals?
I agree aborted :( she doesn't look to be that far along before she did. :(
When she has that red urine I thought that she was having her period.
She seems healthy and alert. She is my most active goat. Always jumping, running, and frolicking like a deer.
I offer her feed everyday. Though, only half the time she eats it. Most of the time she sniffs it and walks off. Though, she didn't seem skinny. I don't see her ribs and I don't feel them when I feel there.
It's too bad if she had an abortion.:(
The buck was teasing her recently. Could that have something to do with it?
She isn't pushed around often.
How long has the buck been living with her?

They don't have periods. If her urine is red, something is wrong.
I would check to see if she had worms she might just have big hips but she does look a little pot bellied to me. The buck might have been a little rough with her and caused her to abort maybe. I recently had some abortions. After searching around from what I gather that early along is most likely a intake issue. Lack of nutrition but I think it would have to be way worse then what she is or ate something bad. In my case it was urea but I would check around and look for mold or any odd plants that might have popped up. If you have neighbors close by they might have tossed something into them thinking they were being nice. It may have also just been a nature thing and there was just simply something wrong with the fetus..
I really don't think that much blood was from a simple breeding. My buck got a little rough with a doe in heat last year it it just simply looked like she lost her mucus plug.
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The buck has been chasing her and been trying hard to mount her.
I think he might have gotten too rough with her.
He's been chasing and teasing all the goats recently. Do you think that he tried to breed her when she was pregnant and it caused her to abort?
The buck is kept in the same fenced area with all the other goats. unfortunately I only have 1 fenced area and the only way to separate him would be to tie him to a tree.
I've given her MannaPro before.
Your goats don't get a good loose goat mineral 24/7? They really need a mineral out all the time.

There is a good chance that your buck is breeding your girls too much. Some girls get tired of fighting it and just let it happen. The peeing blood may be that she is being bred too much. Also a chance that the buck was forcing himself on her and she aborted.

You could put together some cattle panels or something to create another area for him. You could also just run some hotwire.

Sounds like you have the possibility of worm problems and/or mineral deficiency problems and/or buck being too aggressive problems.
He's usually neutral. He 's been more aggressive these days.
The goats finished the mineral block. I was going to get them another one soon. I'll get some loose minerals for them.
I think I'll have to tie him to a tree for a while. So, I can let the does have a break.
I don't have any cattle panels.
Is there any method to calm down a buck and make him less aggressive? Will cleaning him up and getting all that pee off calm him down?
No. He will be aggressive until he is out of rut. Usually some time alone helps.
OK, then I 'll just separate him for a while then.
I hope it works.
When she has that red urine I thought that she was having her period.
Goats do not have periods. Anytime you see red urine, something is wrong.
I always thought it was normal, cuz once when my goat had red urine I asked my neighbor about it. She said that either she is going to have kids soon or she isn't pregnant and she's having a period.
I guess she was wrong.
Thanks for letting me know about that.
I learn a lot from this website.
I've given her MannaPro before.
Ok, I'm confused - what do you mean 'before'? Does that mean that your herd does not have a constant supply of loose mineral available, or does that mean that you have recently changed mineral?
OK, then I 'll just separate him for a while then.
I hope it works.
I'm not coming down on you, but how are you going to do that? I am truly hoping you were not serious about tying him to a tree to separate him. That will not work because he will be a sitting duck for any predator that wanders into the area. Do you have a barn or shed that your does are not using that you could confine him in? How about if you tell us what you have available and maybe we can help you figure out how to separate him and still keep him safe?
I would give them MannaPro every month. They had a mineral block, but they finished it completely.
I plan on getting them another one. I'm going to get them some loose minerals also. I thought that the mineral block was enough. But it turns out they need loose minerals also.
Our farm is very safe. There has never been any predators or coyotes ever.The biggest wild animal we had was a gopher.
I also have a dog that will chase off any wild animal. The tree is very close to the house. I'll be able to see him from there.
The leash is very long and he'll be given feed,water and what ever he needs.
During the night time I usually lock up all my goats in the barn.
He'll be fine.
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