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Doe is confusing me

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I have a doe and she kidded last year. She is flagging and mounting other does, but won't let the buck so much as get near her rear end. Grrr! Any advice?
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Is she maybe in heat but not in standing heat? That can happen and in fact I was just learning about that tonight. ;) Did you try here putting her with the buck several times?
I try everyday, as I house them separately. I actually have 2 does acting like this. He has bred one of my other does many, many times. So I guess I will keep trying.
Huh, that's odd. The breeder I was talking to tonight said that of course you look for them mounting other does but you also want to see if they're rubbing their hind end near other does. She said usually that indicates they're ready to stand for breeding..
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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