doe ready to kid getting mastitis........

Discussion in 'Goat Management' started by Robynlynn, Feb 4, 2011.

  1. Robynlynn

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    Jan 18, 2011
    NW Iowa
    A year ago I helped a lady out and took in her Nubian doe who had just kidded with a single doe kid. (long Story)
    When I got her home I found her to have full blown mastitis. her udder was in fact full of blood. I cleared up the infection and she has been in good health since.
    I bred her this year and she is ready to kid....her udder has been so full I would have thought that she would have had the kids last week... I had an estimated date but pasture bred so no kidding date for sure. anyway because the udder is so big and no kids I checked her milk today. there is a definate crackling going on on the side that was infected before. the milk is chunky but there is no blood that I can see.....
    What should my next move be????? :sigh:
  2. toth boer goats

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    Oh man....I am so very sorry... :(

    I really don't know.... what to say on that...that is a hard dilemma.... but.... I would think should start treatment on her.... to save the udder..... If anything else... you can get a vet to give you advice on what to she is ...about ready to drop.....I have never experienced mastitis...when they are about to kid.... :(

    I hope someone else comes along.... that has experienced this.... and ...can give you better incite..... I am sorry.... you have to deal with this.... at this time of her pregnancy....not knowing the due date bad.... I pray.... your Doe will be OK..... :hug: :pray:

  3. Robynlynn

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    Jan 18, 2011
    NW Iowa
    The vet said to give her a shot of draxxcin. I did that and will plan to milk her this morning. SHe is so big she can't get on the stachion right now. I think i see movement of the kids when she lays down ~ I hope so.
    She leaked some clear goo last sunday. I called the vet on monday and she told me not to do anything as they can leak for a week. I've not seen them leak clear fluid goo and not kid though?? I've seeen the mucus pug stuff a week or even two before. I'm Not an expert either.
    anyway, I've been watching her she is happy and eating and moving around just a full udder and no kids. :help:
    I read some where that a shot of dex will make them come in. I think her due date was thursday...but she was pasture bred and my notes on the calendar have been less than accurate...
    -I do not want a c- :pray: section and dead kids....
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    Oct 4, 2007
    she doesnt sound in distress

    Since you pen bred her when was the last day she was in with the buck?

    As to the full udder -- thats not uncommon when the doe is getting closer to kidding, the udder gets full and strutted before kidding..... Ihad a doe with a full udder for a full month before kidding, scared the life ouf of me thought she was in some kind of trouble. Ended up she kidded just fine and with triplets.
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    I'm so sorry I hope it gets better fast. As for the goo, I have had some does leak the clear goo for weeks before kidding.. My first two does leaked for like a month, sometimes it was heavy, sometimes not. Some only a trickle here and there. It's when the goo changes to an amber color that is usually a sign of impending labor. But clear goo can't be ruled out at the beginning of labor. Just thought I'd share, as that doesn't seem to be anything alarming especially if it's clear :)