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Most self nursers begin when their udder is left too full they hurt...once they realize they can reach it, and goats do love milk, then a hibit if formed and is very hard to break....I just brought one home on purpose lol....Her owner said she tried everything to break her...
we began milking her 3 times a hope is to keep the pressure off her udder will also keep her mind off it far we have increased her production by a quart We dont know if this will be a long term solution, we hope it works lol
...other ideas are
a very wide collar, making it impossible for her to bend her neck and to reach the udder, a cone,like a dog wears after surgery....both of these can be snag if you are not home to keep watch, ???
a goat bra...made of breathable fabric, and some use tape to tape the teats...most does can get them off...
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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