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Doe thinner, eating less, otherwise fine

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Have a very nice Saanen doe that came to me via a friend from Noble Springs Dairy in Franklin, TN. She was very skittish when I got her but settled down completely after kidding last spring. I was getting 5-6 lbs of milk from her daily with one kid still on her but now both kids are off.

About 1-2 months ago she began reverting back to her skittishness and was eating less. Milk dropped off gradually. Now I am getting about 3 lbs per morning and she is just less interested in food. In fact, while on the stand she seems afraid of me. I am very gentle with my goats; she has no reason for this, and weirdly, anywhere else she is friendly and comes up to me for treats, ear scratching etc. had fecal count done and she was fine. I use Hoegger's herbal wormer once a week and other than one case of suspected meningeal worms ( in a different doe, which is recovering slowly but surely), I've not ever had any worm problem. I feed them Purina Goat Chow, at the recommendation of a friend who owns and operates a goat dairy and judges for ADGA at national shows.

Her coat looks fine, and it isn't like her ribs are showing but she is considerably thinner than she was in spring and summer. No fever, feet look good, not anemic. No history of any CAE or CL or signs of them in any of my goats.

Can this be normal for some goats? Could it be related to her cycling? She is not bred yet. I am getting ready to breed her next week but wanted some advice on this first.

Thank you! I can post a picture if needed.

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I would have a fecal done to include coccidia. Even when everything seems good, they can have a worm load. Found that out myself when I had fecals done on my girls. My girl had dark pink eyelids and normal looking fecals. The fecal showed high barberpole load. I guess I caught it before she had anemia.

I would do some B Complex, Probios and Replamin Plus. GI Soother from Fir Meadow would be good too.
Karen, I did have fecal run: no cocci and worm count was about 100. She seems very healthy, looks great, just thin.
Personally, I would probably worm her good with chemical wormers. Some goats just don't handle a parasite problem as well. My personal preference for herbal dewormers are Fir Meadow Deworm A and GI Soother. Since she is losing weight and not eating as well and dropped production, to me that is saying something is wrong. Could be as simple as that parasite load is too heavy for her or she needs more copper/selenium supplementing along with other vitamins and minerals.
Can you get a pic of her, so we can see if she is too thin? Dairy breeds can look more on the thin side than meat goats.
Can you get a pic of her, so we can see if she is too thin? Dairy breeds can look more on the thin side than meat goats.
Sure, I will try to get a pic in the morning. Thanks guys.

Here are three pics of my doe; again, she isn't skin and bones but definitely thinner than she was a few months ago. In the third picture she is the doe on the left.

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Wood Carnivore Floor Fawn Felidae

Vertebrate Dog breed Goat Mammal Fawn


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She definitely could use more weight. You may want to add an oil on her feed like safflower oil or wheat germ oil.

I still would worm her good since we are going into winter. I would also give her Replamin Plus at 5cc once a week. I would also try the Fir Meadow GI Soother and Dworm A instead of Hoeggers.
I agree with Karen.
Hey, Karen, been a while on this thread but thought I'd let you know this doe is doing better. I looked back at these pics today and was surprised how thin she was; much fuller now. I switches to the DWormA and have begun weekly 5cc Replamin Plus to all my goats, and she has noticeably put on more weight. Thanks again.
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