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    I have a first freshener with a cough that has persisted since she was about 3 months old. We've done antibiotic rounds and it will go away for a few days but then comes back. I'm worried about her prolapsing after she kids because of the forcefulness of her cough. It's a single cough, not a coughing fit but she coughs once about every half hour unless she's moving about then it's about once every 5 minutes. We've done fecals, clean her sleeping area regularly, don't use shavings, feed alfalfa and Purina goat chow. We have 14 goats and she's the only one who coughs. Any thoughts? The vet doesn't have any answers without sending her off to the college for more workups and that's not in our budget. TIA, Michelle
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    Has her rectal temp stayed normal?

    Here is my cough protocol:


    Coughs in goats are fairly common and have varied causes. The top causes for coughs in goats are:
    1. Respiratory Illness

    2. Lungworm

    3. Allergies

    4. Dust/Pollutants

    5. Coccidia

    Respiratory - pneumonia and other illnesses can cause coughs. Usually these are not chronic, they come on fast and severely, and are associated with a fever and other serious symptoms.

    Lungworm - lungworms can be tested for using a Baermann Fecal, which can be done by MeadowMist Lab. Treatment may be difficult naturally - you can try with Land of Havilah’s Parasite Formula. If it does not work, conventional treatment is Ivomec/Ivermectin given orally, 3 doses, 10 days apart, then once more in 30 days.

    Allergies - If a goat is negative for lungworm, illness, etc. give a dose of Benadryl (5-10cc depending on size). This is not a long-term fix, but if the cough stops, it will tell you that allergies are the issue.

    Dust - Check your hay, feed, and bedding for any dustiness that may cause a cough.

    Coccidia - High loads of coccidia have been known to cause coughs in goats. Fecal test for this as well.
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    There is an easy way to test for lung worms. Get 2 berries (poop) wrap in a single layer of gauze. Put in a jar of water overnight. In the morning...look on top of the water to see the lung worms swimming.
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    Can you describe how tight of a wrap you do? Maybe a photo example?

    I have heard of this but unsure of effectiveness.
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    Wrap it like a wonton twisted at the top with a bit of flossing thread is the way I learned. Not super tight but tight enough to keep the holes in the gauze open.
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