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Doe with slimy milk

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My friend called me yesterday with a question about her Saanen doe. She said that while milking yesterday morning she noticed that the milk seemed thick and difficult to squeeze out, and when she strained it through a washcloth, it made it really slimy. I told her to do the dish detergent test, and she said the milk turned really slimy and disgusting, so I'm assuming she has mastitis. The only thing is, she isn't showing any signs of discomfort during milking, and isn't swollen at all. I told her to put hot compresses on the udder, massage it with peppermint oil, and gave her some dried sage to feed her. Is there anything else she should be doing, and why wouldn't the doe be showing any of the other usual signs of mastitis? She is coming to the end of her lactation and is currently only being milked once a day. She's not producing very much as it is, and this morning had even less than usual.

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If she has mastisis milk productiion can be cut...Use Today Mastisis treatment...

ToDay (cephapirin sodium) Over-the-counter product for mastitis treatment in lactating does. Milk out the bad milk/pus/blood and infuse one tube of To-Day into each infected udder for a minimum of two consecutive days. Use the alcohol wipe provided to clean the teat thoroughly before infusing medication to avoid introducing new bacteria into an already-infected udder.
Massage the medication on up the it in good...milk her out well before each treatment...
My friend wants to treat it naturally, if possible. I was thinking that it might be possible, since these only seem to be early stages.
I have fed my does her own milk back to her with suspitous milk...and had great sccess with that...20 or so cc a few times day...Here is a link
Ok, I'll tell her about that, sounds like a good idea. Thanks!
Thanks again, happybleats. My friend ended up using ToDay, and it seems to be working well.
Your welcome! Glad its working :grin:
vitamin C....lots of it. let me find the post on it....
I can't find the post where I read it first, but vit C, raw garlic and massages help. also, feeding back her milk...
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