Doeling For Sale in CA. $250

Discussion in 'Goats For Sale' started by myfainters, Jan 18, 2010.

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    Oct 29, 2009
    Lancaster, CA
    Hi all,

    I have a beautiful Black and white, POLLED, Blue eyed doeling for sale. She is EXTREMELY friendly and already comes running when I call her. (also why I CAN'T get good pictures of her!! LOL.. she is always trying to crawl in my lap!!!!) She is a fainting goat/miniature silky fainting goat.... but I haven't seen her faint yet??? She was initially listed for $350... but I like my kids to start stiffening by 2 weeks old and she has not. If you are interested in a nice quality brood doe or a family pet... Mittens would be ideal. CAE and CL tested neg. herd. Also have done sporadic Johnes testing and all goats tested have been neg. She will come registered but likely will not be a strong fainter.

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  2. TinyHoovesRanch

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    SHES SOOOOO PRETTY!!!! :love:
    Now why did you go and do this to me!!! I LOVE HER lol

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    Feb 1, 2009
    I Love her little booties!