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doeling is limping

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I noticed the other day that my doeling was walking on her heels and i thought it might be because i trimmed her feet wrong, so i went back and took more off of her heels. (im still learning how to get it just right, and i also ordered a hoof plane thats coming in the mail) now today i noticed that she seemed to be walking regular on her front left leg but she seems to not be bending her right leg when she walks. But she runs around normally and doesnt look like shes in any pain or anything. could this be from me messing her feet up? Shes about 6 months old and its been crappy weather the past few days so she could have even slipped on ice or something. Just not sure how to help her and im new at this. Thanks guys :help::thankU:
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They do get very sensitive right after a trim if they are on rough terrain.

But also in may be mineral deficiency. DO they have loose salt and minerals free choice with good copper and selenium?

If you can get pics too, that will help, so we can see how she is standing, get rear, front and a side shot.
Yep, Pam said what I was going to say.

Plus they know how to make you worry. ;)
Ill get some pictures. I have manna pro goat mineral out for them as well as kelp and they get boss every morning. I do have copper bolus but I didnt give it to them yet. Thanks :) the doe that's limping is pinky and she has some confirmation faults compared to my other doe that was sold as show quality.
Will wait for the pics.
so my doe was being very difficult when i was trying to take pictures, she was just jumping all over me and more concerned with eating my jacket... ill post what i have :)
here are the best pictures i could get...


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Cute goats.

You say, she isn't bending her right leg? Is there any swelling on her leg anywhere?
Yeah she is doing it less now and mostly walking normal. I didn't notice any swelling. I think it was just being sore from getting trimmed. I think I'm just paranoid since these are my first goats and I don't want to be negligent and then they get really sick or hurt. If I use the hoof planer from now on and use it like every two weeks, could that be used in place of trimming?
With the snow keeping her feet soft, plus, just being trimmed. I suspect sore feet from that, giver her some time and see.

A hoof planer is good for fine tuning and will work if you constantly keep up with it. Otherwise, the basic trimmers are best if you wait a bit too long and the hooves grow out a bit much.
Okay. Thank you so much!
Your welcome. :)
Hey guys. I just trimmed my girls feet yesterday and I noticed on my does front feet the left toe on each foot had a much longer hoof wall than the right and if I cut it down to the pad (not sure what else to call it) the left toe would end up shorter. I tried to even them out as much as possible but im curious why that would happen... thanks!
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