Doeling's coat okay? Or deficient?

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    Jul 13, 2017
    Meet Miley, an October doeling. Her coat has been shedding lately and while she's mostly black, her back fur seems to be shedding out to all dark gray and all undercoat. It's a wooly texture. Maybe it's because of the bitter cold we had, changing to rather mild (mid-20's and low 30's) for the past two weeks, but maybe she's deficient in something? She eats loose mineral and kelp; I've mostly seen her at the Sweetlix Meatmaker (we offer several minerals and refresh daily).
    IMG_20180104_155145095.jpg IMG_20180129_095511336.jpg IMG_20180129_095506849.jpg
    Her dam had a bout with pneumonia this fall, which seemed to suck all the vitamins and minerals from her. Thus, I have Replamin Plus on hand... I'd consider giving this doeling a 1mL dose and treating her too.

    What do you think? Is this a normal coat texture? Unusual, but weather related? Is there a deficiency going on?

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    I don't see any obvious deficiencies in her. The very fluffy gray fur she is shedding is totally typical "winter fluff" (cashmere-ish). Her normal fur appears black and shiny and I don't see any weak pasterns, bent tail, fishtail, or rings around her eyes.

    If the majority of your herd usually requires supplementation above and beyond loose minerals then definitely keep an eye on her and likely start her on the same routine around 6 months old or so.

    She is very cute, is she a mini Nubian?
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    Jul 13, 2017
    Yes, she's a mini Nubian:) Thank you! We were very happy with how that pairing turned out.

    We give Copper boluses, I think due to our irony well water; other than that, her dam is why I purchased the Replamin Plus (still trying to help her recover).

    I just don't see that winter fluff on anyone but her; nobody else is shedding; and I'm probably a bit paranoid about minerals, so, thought I'd ask what others saw. Thanks for your input!
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    Looks fine to me too.
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    I see no issues.
    She is a cutie. :)
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    I understand about being concerned about her with recent history.

    I don't see a problem here. Sometimes they are just a different child. If you do want to dose her for a few days with the Replamin, it absolutely won't hurt, and may be a confirmation in your mind one way, or t'other. I have soft woolies and wire hair coats in my (very mixed) herd that are not related to deficiencies.

    Also, goats REALLY change in the first few months of life.

    You are a very attentive goat owner.
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