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Come September it looks like I will be putting 1-2 does up for sale. Ive struggled with having to do this but my over all herd needs have to come first.

I will not be able to offer transport so pick up in Vineland NJ will have to be arranged by you.

Im due to have my baby October 3rd but that could change depending if he comes early or late.

One will be a brood doe Phoenix Rising Flash Point (has her junior leg in both AGS and ADGA.) I want her to go to a nice pet home. She will come with papers, and the stipulation that if you sell her I get her back! I hate to part with her really and its breaking my heart but I have to do something to pay for the hay for winter. $250.00

Second doe is a yearling End of The Line Cowgirl. Another one I dont want to part with but I have to. ADGA registered only. $300.00

again these are not culls they are keeper does who I have to sell so I can afford hay for winter. (Its a long story why this is the case and one Im not really wanting to get into on the open forum.)
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