Does kidding soon - may keep some kids, sell others at birth

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    Our two does are going to be kidding in two or three weeks. Isabelle is due April 30th, and this will be her second birth. The first time was four days before we bought her, last July. She had one buck, who never nursed, and who stayed at the farm we bought her from. Phillisa is fourteen months old, due May 1st, and this will be her first freshening. Before we got our goats, we were told that a large goat farmer near here sells all her bucks within a week after birth. She only gets $25 a buck-kid, and I'm guessing they are formula fed and raised for meat. I don't feel great about this, but we don't want bucks around, don't want to butcher one ourselves, and don't want to put a lot of milk into a goat we're not going to keep. We are hoping to let Isabelle and Phillisa each keep at least one kid, and if one of them doesn't have any females we might let her keep a buck for a while. I sure wish we could ultrasound them and know how many and what gender to expect from each of them, so we could make a decision before either one freshens. Okay, let's assume each one has twins, one male and one female, should we pull the males right away, and bottle-feed them their mother's milk until they're sold, and let the doekids nurse from the start? Or if we let them nurse all the babies for a few days, will it be traumatic for some of them to suddenly disappear? Don't feel like you have to answer all of my questions. Any comments or past experience you want to offer would be appreciated. Also, links to other websites or past threads on this one are welcome. Thanks, Stephanie
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    Okay, this depends a lot on the breed of goat we are talking about. If the does have plenty of milk, they should do fine raising two each. I usually don't have much trouble until we start getting into triplets. If you don't want to keep the bucks at all, I would let them nurse about 2 months and then sell them. You will get a lot more for them if they aren't such bottle babies when sold. If it is going to be a problem with there being enough milk for the does you do want to keep, I would let the bucklings stil at least have momma's milk the first 3 days or so, so that they can get the colostrum they need from the mother. Otherwise, they will have underdeveloped immune systems and be sickly. If you plan on selling them as bottle babies though, don't let them nurse. . . give them moms milk in a bottle from the get-go. That way whoever buys them won't have to struggle with getting them to take the bottle

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    GoatGirl...that is very good advice ......... :wink:
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    This is what i do....
    All kids are pulled at birth. I bottle raise so kids are friendlier. Unless i have a reservation and a deposit for a buck kid he will get whethered at six to eight weeks...sometimes sooner. I would rather see a buck kid go for meat then to someone as a "cute little pet" that doesnt know what they're doing. and the goat be the one who suffers.
    I also dont keep my buck kids around very long. six weeks max. If they dont have a pet home by then they go to the meat market. Or to a friend of mine that raises goats and sheep for his raptor rehabilitation facility. I would rather see a kid go as meat at a young age before i spend a bunch of money on them only for them to go for meat later on anyways. I need the milk for my doe kids who will produce more kids and milk for me. Whethers for me dont do anything, and i dont want to put the money into an animal that im only going to get twenty five dollars out of anyways. I made the mistake of keeping a couple of buck kids as whethers to find them a pet home my first year i had kids. I ended up getting ten dollars apiece for them and i dont even want to know how much i spent on them feeding them while trying to find thema good pet home.
    I show and raise goats for milk. we make soap, so all of my animals need to be producing. I just dont have the room or the money for a pet whether who just eats.