Does this look and sound like CL?

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    I found this, which gives a little more information on the vaccine. Hopefully it will help those in need.
  2. People are vaccinating for goats. One thing you need to remember is if you test your animals and they are negative, then you vaccinate you will get a positive reading. Making it impossible to 'prove' your goats are negative. I am contemplating the vaccine, but before I do I'll test get my negative results and then immediately vaccinate; so I can show 'hey they were negative and then we immediately vaccinated that's why they will show a positive from now on'. It's about the only way I, myself, feel I can confidently 'prove' to someone yes they are + but only because I vaccinated. Others are vaccinating and just advising they vaccinated. Again, for my personally I'd want to see a neg. test followed by a vaccine. Just my opinion. Hope that helps.

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    Whether it's CL or not, you do want to be sure not to contaminate anything. I would separate the goat if at all possible.
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    Update: sent the vet pics and with all my history he still seems to think its a hematoma or tooth abscess because there is still isnt a lot of puss. So hes gonna look at her tomorrow. Not as nervous but still have my fingers crossed. Especially since we are supposed to take one to show next month. I refuse to spread it!
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    Sounds like it is progressing fast for CL. We bought a doe who developed (we think) a CL lesion, we put her down before it ruptured, but from 1st appearance to nearly rupture was 6 weeks...

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    Here is a picture of lump sites on the neck/face and what they mean. I copied it awhile back from a univeristy site but don't remember which one. #7 under the chin is the usual site for CL. Yours looks more on the side so could be #5 infection of the thymus gland. Ask the vet about it.
    EDITED: Also, if the discharge has a foul smell, it is usually not CL. Other infections causing abscesses in goats - Streptococcus, Archanobacterium, and Pasteurella. Someone mentioned the onion ring look - that is in sheep. Goats with CL present as soft and pasty as per the Merck Veterinary Manual

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    Actually the smell is so weird its more like toothpaste or something? Weird
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    I would separate her from the others to be safe and test it.
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    According to WADDLE a goat vaccinated with the new goat vaccine tests negative 3 months after being given the shot. Just in case that info's of help to someone.

    Staff is also green/yellow and smells funny.
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    Thanks for the pic i also think its more like 5 hard to tell tho it kinda goes from under the jaw down the neck. Cant wait to take her to the vet tomorrow.
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    Hoping for the best!! :pray:
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    Well cant be positive its not CL without doing a test. But 2 different vets say its caused by something else not CL. Its not the typical hard knot like CL its more like a hematoma with swelling all around it so im supposed to leave it alone. :) thanks for all your responses!
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    Does not look like bottle jaw...It looks like a cyst. Not all cysts are CL...I would keep it drained and flush is three times a day with want the "wall" of the cyst to shrink if its the mean time try not to let it close up... You want to kill every bit of the bacteria causing the cyst.
    FOr Wischwallenberg: CL is cheesy gunk..some times a bit of liquid and blood but mostly cheesy...Cl can be carried in a host for 2 years before you see a cyst, so buying a seeming clean goat can bring frustration later ...a blood test is the only way to know if a goat has been exposed to CL . A cyst is not always CL and some pusses are creamy in a non CL cyst...such a a vaccination lump...Keep it flushed and clean. Never allow any puss or cyst matter to touch the ground..always wear gloves and throw everything away in a zip lock baggie or burn it..just in case : )
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    Thank you! I was VERY careful to wear gloves and not let anything hit the ground. The sample I had in a ziplock bag got burned by accident along with all papers towels and gauze pads. Thanks to my hubby. Lol