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Does this sound like a lot?

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I used the tape measure on my Pygmy goat and it said 33 inches and on kinne's weight for Pygmys it said 80 pounds:crazy:
The goat I weighed is a doe but she is a little heavy but I didn't think 80 pounds! Does that sound right?
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My adult Nigerian does are in the 80 lb range.
80lbs is fine! They are big boned litttle guys! Our Nigerians weigh about 70ish. 80's a great weight for them! You could look on the Pygmy goat registery and look at the breed standard also. :)
My Pygmy doe weighs 55# with a full hay belly. I just weigh myself then pick her up and weigh myself again. Subract the difference and you have goat weight!
Most of my pygmy does are between 60-75 lbs . My bucks are about 80 lbs.
Ok thanks guys! I was just a little worried I thought it was heavy for them:shocked:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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