Dog Bite Abscess

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    Dec 26, 2015
    So, Miss Diamond got her face and ear bit by a dog about two weeks ago. Her ear got slightly torn and she had a puncture wound on her cheek. I flushed the puncture wound daily until it closed up but I noticed she started developing a bump in that spot shortly after. It has slowly gotten bigger and tonight when I palpated it, it had a soft spot in the middle so obviously an abscess now.

    Would you lance it and flush or let it blow on it's own? Poor girl is not happy about me going near that side of her face at all. Luckily, her ear has healed up beautifully without issue. But I had a feeling the puncture wound would be an issue. Especially since it's a dog bite.
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    I'd probably wait till it is about to pop. I'd also do both flushing the abscess and giving antibiotic shots. Dog bites are awful.

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    Poor girl, I agree with the advice above but would add some garlic and vitamin c internally just to boost immune system further!!
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