dog destractions while training

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  1. ohiogoatgirl

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    Jan 31, 2010
    how do i get my family's four dogs to shut up?!
    no offence to canine people but quite frankly, there is only so much barking i can take!!! and i am trying to train moonbeam and milky way, which is difficult for me because they are my first to train. and the dogs bark incessantly!!! they never stop barking, and i never get much training in. where i got them from only had one dog, and it was leashed away from them, out of view, and didnt bark alot. how do i introduce them without ruining my chances of ever training them? two of the dogs are on leashes at all times (they are big dogs, about as big as milky way, the yearling) and one is old and wont go near them, the other is my sisters dog and is usually inside but is on the leash when outside. the two outside dogs absolutely cannot go in the house without tearing it apart, so thats out of the question... i wish we would get rid of them! GR!

    any suggestions?

    *** no offense to anyone. i am just not a dog person. ***
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    Sep 13, 2008
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    The goats will learn to ignore it eventually...

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    Mar 2, 2008
    Dogs need to be trained from puppyhood to NOT bark uncontrollably (most people want their dogs to bark at appropriate times). Some breeds are notorious for being barkers and need more training/work to train them to NOT bark.

    Older dogs can certainly be trained to not bark but they need CONSISTENT training by all people living with them. You may not be able to get that cooperation from your family. So, my suggestion would be to get a no-bark collar for them. Ideally they would each have one of their own but it's possible to get one or two and move it from dog to dog.

    There are various no-bark collars available. Some work on vibrations, some through the sound of the bark. Some spray a citronella spray to stop the bark, some use an electronic signal to stop the bark. Do a google search for no bark collars and you will see if that is something you think you can do to help your situation.

    Good luck... a barking dog is one of the worst neighbors for anyone (man or beast) to have around.
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    Going to be a 2 way street. First if the dogs are not used to the goats they want to play or eat it. 2nd the dogs may also percieve a threat to YOU if the goat is fighting with you.
    You may have to work with the dogs also if they are not agressive you may be able to introduce them doso with extreme caution just in case.
    I do know a women who trains her show goats with as many distractions as possible so the goats will be prepared for the ring.
    We have a Pry and a mutt the mutt (wiggles) had to get used to the goats and now works outer perimeter security.
    The dogs may also be used the goats being in thier pen and do not want to get blamed for them getting out :greengrin:
    They may also be jealous of the attention.

    BTW i would not have a dog that does not bark at odd things
  5. Get a nice fresh bone, the store carry them for soup for next to nothing. Drop it in front of them and then train. That should keep them busy for a while. This is if training them is out of the question for a while. They should get used to one another.
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    Try taping the barking and play it over and over in the goats' area until they don't pay attention.

    My Pyrs can be rather loud, though not barking incessantly, they do bark frequently. My goats will react, but only for a second and not excessively when the dogs first bark. Then they go on with what they were doing.
  7. ohiogoatgirl

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    Jan 31, 2010
    i understand the noise training for the ring, that makes sense. my mom and sisters dont/wont work with them at all! they dont walk them, dont pet them, and argue about who has to feed them. and mom wants to get a pot belly pig for my sister!!! GR!!! mom wont get rid of any of them either. and they yell about the goats making noise! a few "maaa"s a day wont kill them! i have to listen to there dogs bark constantly!