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Poor thing, and so sorry about your friends passing. The best thing for her is a home that loves her and will commit to her, period. I have a mix Aussie Shepard and they are truly smart and deep feeling dogs. I spend all day tripping over him because he is never more than a few feet away.
Sort of cats and dogs or better yet goat and dog, we have a wether named Murphy his mom passed on when he was a few days old. So in the house he came, slept with the dogs under my bed, would even sneak in my bed at night. After some weeks every goat person warned me it would be difficult to integrate him with the goats now. I tried bringing him out and having him with the goats, he wanted no part of them nor they with him. My husband who is my polar opposite said ok your way over thinking this. He brought Murphy out to the barn and told me to stay away. It was hard let me tell you. I brought him back in when my husband wasn't home. My husband came home and told me I was again the problem, brought Murphy back out. At first the goats rejected him, then were well, mean. That weekend I was banned from the barn. Monday I went and fed the lot, loved my little Murphy but kept myself together and left him down at the barn. It took a few weeks but my husbands way worked. First Murphy latched on to a pregnant doe, she let him sleep with her, but then she had her babies and he was out again,...then he latched onto the pregnant does wethered brother as best he could,..slowly he found his way into the herd and now has his clear place in it. he had to adapt to his new environment, not it to him. Don't over think it, we as humans overthink, the dog needs love and commitment and over thinking tends to spoil the soup so to speak. I am hear to say Murphy is one of the herd because my husband said he is a goat he needs to live with the goats, he didn't get into the dynamics of his rough start, his attachment to me, his living in the house, his preferences,..he said this is a goat and the barn and herd fit his needs. He has his place in the herd now, he no longer sees himself as a dog or human. The right match is the home that will love and commit and let the dog adapt.
1 - 3 of 96 Posts
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