Doll kidded. Twin doelings!

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    And no, I don't have photos yet. (Hides from angry glares :p )

    I took a couple but it was very dark and you can't even see them. She was screaming like crazy yesterday. I went and felt her ligaments, which were totally gone, so I stayed home all day. She went down and started pushing right after it got dark (of course.)

    I managed to lose both of my shoes in the mud and was running back and forth to her pen barefoot with mud almost up to my a nightgown with a flashlight in my mouth and one under my arm. I'm almost glad it was dark because I probably looked like an insane person.

    In any case, both are very small. I almost thought premature at first, but they seem fully formed and have their teeth. Mom ran away from the first one at first because she didn't know what it was, but once I rubbed some ick on her nose she was a great mom. I had to take them both inside because they were very tiny and weak. They cried and flailed around at first but couldn't suck and went downhill very fast so that they could barely move.

    I milked colostrum out of mom and made sure she had no more babies inside by bouncing her and palpating her tummy. I wrapped them in towels in a basket and put a heating pad over them on low. I syringe fed them a little colostrum and then gave them some karo syrup. I also mixed a little pedialyte in the colostrum to give them some electrolytes since I've always been taught having a low body temperature comes with dehydration and a goat breeder told me it might help. It was scary for about an hour but they finally perked up and by a couple hours after birth were finally strong enough to stand although their suck response was still very poor. I syringe fed them colostrum every 15 minutes for a couple of hours, and then fed them every 2 hours through the night. By morning they were alert and sucking and acting like normal babies (mostly.)

    Up until tonight (about 7 p.m.) they were awfully wobbly compared to Misty when she was born (but then 3 of them made one of her as a newborn.) They still aren't jumping or playing but they are alert and swishing their little tails and eating and going potty and sort of trying to butt each other. I will post photos tomorrow in the photo section at the top of this forum as Stacey instructed us all to do from now on.

    Any suggestions? They are in the barn with a heat lamp and seem to be pretty fine. I just think they could have cooked in mama a bit longer before coming out. Lol.

    :kidred: :kidred: - One is identical to mom, a strongly marked buckskin. The other is the same basic color but much lighter, and the only black is on her face, a badger mask or whatever if I'm not mistaken. Both have blue eyes! So, two doelings, two blue eyed babies. Score! :clap: I was actually hoping for a little buck because I like this girl so much, but I'm definitely not complaining.
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    Apr 24, 2009
    Southern Oregon
    Oh, and I did go back and check mom several times to make sure she was alright and had passed her placentas, which she did..and gave her a nice treat.

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    AWESOME JOB! :clap:
    congrats on your new additions and kudos for taking care of everyone.

    and yes...we will need those pics ;)
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    LOL, glad you and she made it through. Congrats on the doelings! I had one kidding where I need to run 1/8th of a mile uphill to the house to call a goatie person and then run back down to the barn. In pink sweats. with a yellow shirt. and my curly hair in a large and bouncing afro . . .in broad daylight . . . :ROFL:
    We goat people are so funny.
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    Apr 24, 2009
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    Lol. Yes, we are odd aren't we? My dad saw me (I keep the goats at his place), and he told me I looked like a crazy farm girl. In any case, I know this isn't the area for announcements, but I just wanted to make sure I'm doing everything right.

    Should they be bouncing and playing by now? Last I checked them it was already 24 hours post birth and the best they were doing were staggering about. Not too wobbly, but no playing beyond the occasional head butt, which I think were simply misdirected headbutts meant for mom's udder. I've seen them both get a nipple and eat on their own and have helped them both eat throughout the day some but they still seem to take forever to get the nipple when they go for it on their own before they finally grab one. They seem more like helpless little puppies than goat babies. Misty was just so much bigger and stronger right off the bat.
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    A big congrats........ :love: :greengrin:
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    Oct 4, 2007
    the first 24 hours with some can be painstakingly slow going
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    :applaud: WOW I wanted to give you the trophy smilie for all you did-WTG!
    Congratulations! :stars:
    :ROFL: :slapfloor:
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    Apr 24, 2009
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    I just wanted to let everyone know how my "dummy babies", as I started calling them, are doing. They are much, much better now. I hadn't seen them play or jump around at all this entire week, so I took them out with me. They followed me like puppies so I took them in my little flower shop while I made orders today. They loved the linoleum floor and used it like a skating rink. They were hopping and jumping and running around like little sports cars. I think their pen is just too small for them to play in. This Monday, when they are a week old, I'll put them in the big dog kennel in the field. They are still too small for the pasture. I have horses out there and the entire top part is deep mud. I'm afraid they would get stuck or something. If you curl them up in a ball, they are about the size of a large orange. So, they are thriving now and I'm not constantly worried about them being weak, underdeveloped, etc.