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    I dont know if I can post this But I thought Well I will go head and post it and it is okay to delete it.

    I am working on a donation to Birthright Auction. I thought maybe I can help everyone who have soaps, lotions and liquid soaps or salve and something like that that want to donate to me. So I can put everyone and included mine in a huge basket and everyone put business cards in there too so it can give people a choices to call or email or order whatever they like the soaps and stuff. I hope you dont mind for me to ask anyone who wants to donate anything. I will be happy to get the stuff and put together and take picture and show it you guys. I have to hurry up and get this done before Sept 27th.. Thanks.. Let me know..

    Birthright is a place that we help woman , teens who have babies or want to have adoption and stuff but prevent the abortions. They dont do abortion and help them for adoption and give free clothes for mothers, free clothes for babies and free formula and free diapers and etc and etc. We help the moms find a home and jobs and etc and babysitter. We only do the auction every 2 years.

    Thanks.. Please mail to me as govero farms 7356 french village rd. festus, mo 63028.

    Be sure please add business card too and write the note about what is the value of the products or items.

    Anything that you can think of that will be good for the basket or anything. Thank you so much!!!!

    I just got informed by my mother in law. She want me to get the stuff much sooner than sept 27th. So She can get everything together and put in the book so she can get them printed out for the auction. Thank you so much!
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