Dottie and Stella had their babies!

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    Hubby and I were getting ready to do the night time chores and I saw Stella had a little goo and I said "yeah we are getting close". Then I turned around in time to watch Dottie throw herself on the ground and contract. She got up and there was lots of goo so I said "Yeah we are REALLY close". We put the girls up finished our chores and I hopped in the shower knowing it was going to be a long night. As I was drying off Hubby says "I hear odd noises, I think you should get dressed" He ran out ahead of me and as I was getting dressed I heard the cries of a little baby on the monitor. We got there and Dottie, FF had one out and was doing a great job at being a mommy. I got in to help her and she laid down and out came the second one. :kidblue: :kidred: She was a pro! They are the black ones.

    Stella was in the stall next door and you could tell she was getting upset hearing the babies. She kept answering them and was not happy. Before Dottie passed her afterbirth Stella decided it was time and popped out two babies as well. :kidblue: :kidred: They are both Tri-Color. It was a busy night, thankfully it was an early night and everyone was okay.

    This morning all babies are cute and fluffy and moms are doing great. Dottie is not sure what to do, she is taking great care of the babies, but needs to be reminded to get to water and hay for herself.
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    Aww very pretty babies, Congrats.

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    congratulations! :leap: soooo cute!
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    A big congrats..they are really cute.... :thumb: :love:
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    Came home today and Ava was in labor! Lots of babies!
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    Congrat's on the current babie's good luck with the next!