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Down doe...not sure what to treat for..

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This is a weird situation. Not sure what exactly to treat for.

Doe has been thin and sickly since she arrived a year ago. She aborted half way through pregnancy last year and never settled this year. She's thin and had mites when she arrived.

I've wormed several times (she's terrible about it and spots out half if it), got rid of mites.

She developed a large lump on her jaw a fee weeks ago and her breath smelled of infection. Think maybe an infected tooth. ??? Treated with antibiotics and lump started to shrink. This morning she's laying down in an upright position wobbling like she has Parkinsons disease. She can't get up. Now there is a lump developing on both sides of her jaw. No swelling under jaw, just sides.

She has a low grade fever. Oh, and she's had a cold...wet cough and white nasal discharge. This poor girl is a mess! I'm at a loss. Any ideas?

I've given her a high dose of LA300, vit b complex, and dex this morning.

She tested negative for cl, cae, and johnes when I got her.
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I wonder if the infection from her tooth has made it into the bloodstream. My next step would be the vet. Probably just high dose of antibiotics and supportives like B Complex, Probios and electrolytes.
I agree, a vet may need to pull infects teeth. I do penicillin, b complex and check for anemia and treat as needed, check her teeth, use a syringe between her jaw to keep her from biting down and get a look in there.
Pen is 1 cc per 20# sub q. Every 12 hours, Pull back on the plunger to be sure you are not in a vien, no blood means good to go.
Get her to a vet as soon as possible.
Vet can't see her till tomorrow, he's out of town. She's gaining some strength this afternoon and stood on her back legs with her butt in the air while she ate. By the way, she never went off feed which I thought was odd if she's sick from an infection.

Could anemia cause these symptoms? I don't think her membranes look bad. Maybe a little pale, but not horrible. ???
Sounds like she could possibly have pneumonia. I would get the vet out when you can.
continue the LA 200 for five full days, give B complex to help boose her energy

If she can stand at all get her up and moving some...if she cant be sure to prop her up so not to be laying on her side...

HOw does her rumen sound? cheing a cud? pooping berries?

Might make some electrolytes to encourage drinking more...

Homemade Electrolytes

A half gallon of hot water
2-6 Tablespoons of Unsulphured Blackstrap Molasses
1-2 Tablespoons of Either Sea Salt, Epsom Salt, Baking Soda or Table Salt.
1 cup of Apple Cider Vinegar

Mix well and drench or let them drink it
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Besides a tooth abscess, goats can get lumpy jaw which is predominantly a cattle disease. You can look up pictures and see if it resembles the lumps on your goat's jaw.

Good luck
Besides a tooth abscess, goats can get lumpy jaw which is predominantly a cattle disease. You can look up pictures and see if it resembles the lumps on your goat's jaw.

Good luck
Could be. Pics look similar. On a chart showing abscess locations, hers are at the salvitory gland location on both sides. The left side is soft and when I rub it, it goes away. Then returns a few hours later. The right, it's firmer and after rubbing it's smaller and there is a hard lump on her jaw about the size of a large marble. Very strange!

When I went out to check on her before bed tonight, she stood up on her own. Still wobbly, but huge improvement from this morning!
So doing blood work, but think maybe bottle jaw and anemia. Her membranes are border line, but the vet thinks that she has a secondary infection as well. Guess we'll see. Here's what her face looks like.

Vertebrate Working animal Wood Fawn Mane

Oh! And she's up walking gingerly!


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Hopefully you can get that under control.
Poor girl, praying for her. :(
glad you got blood work done..hope she recovers well for you....
Keep us posted please. We can all learn from someone like you that went the extra mile to involve the vet and blood work etc.
Vets diagnosis....Listeriosis

She does have a medium liver fluke load and slight anemia. He believes the swelling on her jaws is a bottle jaw caused from fluke escaping her last worming just 3 days prior to the onset of this illness.

Treatment: High dosage of Pen 3x day (since I've already given her high doses of antibiotic). Vit B shots. Aggressive worming treatment and thiamin shots plus probiotics.

Have any of you dealt with this, and if so, what worked for you?
Your treatment is what is suppose to be done, except, I would doing the treatments more often than 3x a day. I would do it every 6 hours with Pen and Thiamine or fortified vit B complex. Here is a good link to read:

I like to add, she should be given an Iron supplement, if you haven't done so for her anemia.

Hope she gets better soon, keep the treatment going strong.
I agree..and be sure your wormer treats liver fluke..only Ivomec plus and Valbazen does this..with the bottle jaw I would think the load is heavy so do the wormer 3 times 10 days not over only caused stress...Valbazen is 1 cc per 10# orally ( not for pregnant does) and Ivomec plus is 1 cc per 40# sub Q..please do not do your first dose orally if you use the ivomec can use it orally for the boosters safely...

Red cell 6 cc per 100# do this daily for a week and then once a week until color improves
Vit B 12, high protien feed, alfalfa and green leaves all help her rebuild her red blood cells
mix 50/50 ACV and water and drench 20 cc speed recovery..

best wishes
Thanks TBH & HB. Good info. I am using Valbasin and Red Cell. I also picked up some acv today so will start on that too.

The poor thing...I feel like all I do is pole and prod her. :/ Is it possible that all this medication and supplements can over load her? I've never had to give this much stuff to one animal at a time.
certainly a lot of meds can tax her body...but it is needed if she is to recover..the vitamins are not a issue...I would give probios between antibiotics to help keep her flora going..., you are doing great with her...
Thank you. :)
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