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Down right now...

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Nothing much happening today. We had a visit from the Grand kids and the great grand kids this last week and it wore us out pretty much... Along with having all the kids running and screaming through the house we had another pretty bad episode with my hubby's little Sassy who is his hearing impairment service dog. We were nursing her for what the vet first diagnosed as pancreatitis but as a few days went on and she didn't respond to the meds like she should have we took her back to the vet. He took another x-ray and found an inoperable mass on her spleen. She was given a prognosis of a week to ten days so we made the difficult decision to say good bye. He's had her for 11 years and is devastated at her loss.
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Oh no. That is so aweful. I am so sorry. At least she had a good and happy home with loving human parents.....
I am so sorry to hear that. :(
I'm so sorry for your loss. That is the hardest part of having dogs. :(
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