Dual registered nigerians for sale in SOCAL

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    Jun 26, 2008
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    ok so i have to cut back alot.. feeding way more than i should so i'm letting these 4 go really cheap.

    FF doe in milk - it's aurora, as much as i hate to do it, i have to sell aurora. she freshened on 2/1 this year. if you pm me i can get you pictures. she does have horns but is super people friendly. asking 200 for TGS members, 250 for non members

    Jr. Doe - It's lilbit. she was born in OCT.08. no too friendly but her udder should be outstanding when she freshens. really wide kid. again pm me and i can get you pictures - asking 200 for TGS members 250 non members ( mom is twist dad is Soldier ( storm surge son)

    Buck/ wether: my dearest fweddy!.. he is a really outstanding little guy, he's just not noticed for his awesomeness cause piti steals the spotlight. really long, level and uphill with his pretty blue eyes. and .. broken record. pm for more pictures. will sell as a buck for 200 to TGS members and 225 non members.. or i'll wether him and he's 50. he's on a bottle( mom is aurora and dad is buddy)

    Wether: Cruiser. hes going on 5 this year, but i just can't keep him any longer. HE's trained to carry a backpack and when i had time to work with him alot he was a very social and polite goat. im asking 35 for him, or if you buy aurora you can get him free.. because aurora loves him