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Durvet Iron Dextran dosage

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Peggy Sue and Jean Paul are still alarmingly anemic. I'm considering the Iron Dextran 100 mg/ml from Tractor Supply. What is the dosage for goats and how do I administer it? Orally? SubQ? Thanks!
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Have you done a search on here for dosage? I have not had to use injected iron yet so don't know dosage.
1cc per 25lbs. I've always used it IM.
1cc per 25lbs. I've always used it IM.
Thanks, Lacie!

Just to make sure, you use the one from Tractor Supply that's for baby pigs, right?
I use a different brand, but it's of the same concentration. All injectable iron is normally labeled for baby pigs, since its one of the regular shots you give them at birth.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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