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I bought thiamine to give to my goats after treating for coccidiosis, but the only stuff I could find only has dosages for cattle, sheep, calves, and pigs. I bought Durvet High Level Vitamin B Complex, an injectable solution. Anyone with experience here to help? I've got three days before I need to start giving injections.


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Do know, Corid does not deplete thiamine in the goat, corid mimics thiamine, making cocci go to it and kills the cocci.

You do not have to follow up if the goat seems fine and especially wasn't given a whole bunch of other meds around the same time.

If the goat was wormed on top of the corid treatment and/or given antibiotics, I definitely would give it after treatment of corid.

Do not give thiamine, when you are giving corid, it stops the corid from working properly. ;)
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