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Easter BAAA-skets

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Today to celebrate Easter I begrudgingly went over to my overly critical in-laws house to join them in their holiday spledor. Its more like a condecending gossip fest of all those who could not make it, garnished with ham and snobbery. :(

Well I made it out of the lions den alive and decided that I needed to celebrate how I want.... In the goat pen :cool: I chopped butternut squash and fuji apples, added whole corn and sunflower seeds and made each of my boys their own Easter BAAAA-skets. I got in my PJ's, put my hair in a pony tail grabbed 5 gatoraids and my homemade Easter BAAA-skets. They each got to wash down their holiday meal with an entire gatoraide (staight from the bottle). This is a big treat as they LOOOOVE gatoraide and they usually have to share. Wouldn't you know they drink from the bottles with very little to NO SPILL at all.

Yep, now thats what I call an Easter celebration. No fuss, no gossip, no nit-picking. And the best part is, the boys never complained that I had Stinky Human Hair on my pants again!!!!(can't say that for all my celebrations today :roll: )

Did anyone do anything with their goaties today?
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