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Emergency....buck down!

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Came home to our buck cold, on his side & yelling. No rumen function, unable to eat or drink. Gave Antitoxen (25CC) SubQ, Thiamine, PenG at 1CC per 15 lb. and Banamine at 1 CC per 100 lbs. Both thermometers dies, but he's cold, so hes wrapped, propped upright with a heating pad (wouldt take the hairdryer under the blanked). He's dehydrated but I'm out of ringers and can't get them right now. Breeder friend recommends an enema, but I'm trying to get his body warm right now...he was really stiff...not thinking he'll make it...but trying. Am I missing anything??? Gona redose the antitoxin, PenG and thiamine as needed. He would aspirate the MOM unless I tube him...he's taking elecros dribbled by syringe...but Ican't put them in the back of his throat and force or he won't swallow...he is barely able. I'm about 75% sure I can tube him if it becomes necessary...
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How old is he? I would add bcomplex you think it's bloat?
If he has bloat he needs some oil asap...mix with baking soda and tube it if you have to. I was also reading on a site that when she has a goat with bloat (an adult) she gives 15cc antitoxin...don't know what you gave but that was one recommendation..
I would work on getting his temp up since you have done a bunch of things. Maybe once he has warmed uo he will drink better.
I'm going to post here just to mark the thread. Please give me up dates if you have time.
He's in the house...under many blankets with a heating pad and a hairdryer and he's still only 91 degrees....!!! wow....

How often should I give the ringers and what should I shoot for ML wise???
Not sure on the ringers. I hope he made it for you.
His temp is just at a 100...but he can't maintain it on his own...needs heating pad / intermittent blow dryer. I'm keeping up with subQ fluids and fortified B complex until I can give more antitoxin and Pen G....he's got very little fight left in him...moans and drools then dozes off. I'm just not sure we got to him in time...not like you can predict these things....we just have to do what we can. Vet's office opens in an hour.
Make sure the subQ fluids are warm before administering them.
Float them in a warm water bath while he is getting them.
I hope he recovers for you ! Prayers sent !!
I'm thinking we may need to put him down. Has anyone had a goat down this long with entero turn around? His temp is up near normal and he's not on his side...but no real improvement. I'm afraid if we wait and see I'll have a goat dying from toxins in his body over new years and won't be able to put him down humanely. (I'm in the city...can't use a gun even). If it were 50/50 or even 70/30 odds....maybe I'd wait. I'm not one to give up....but I want to make the responsible decision and I can't imagine dying from toxemia is gentle...
Oh I am so sorry :( I understand your thinking here. It maybe hard to get a vet to come to you . Maybe call your vet or the one you plan on using and see if they are available say later or tomorrow , just so you know. And , while you have them on the phone , ask them what their opinion is . They may tell you to give him some more time since his temp is up. Again , I'm so sorry :( I hope by some miracle he pulls through for you . :hug:
We put him down, it was the kindest thing to do. Even with the banamine he was back and forth wailing in pain and somewhat resting. His back end was stiff and no amount of thiamine, antitoxin, or IV fluids was going to bring him back. Even if it did he was already having a hard time getting nutrients from food due to a scarred intestine from cocci as a kid...I just couldn't imagine him having a good life if he did pull through. When we got him to the vet we had him on a pillow pile wrapped in blankets and he was drowsy and comfortable with a fresh dose of was just the kindest thing to do to put him down and today I feel good about that choice. It was the right thing to do.
I'm so sorry. Sounds like you did the kindest thing for him.
So sorry for your loss. You did what you could. Sometimes we humans just can't save our animals.
Im so sorry :hug:
Rest in peace buddy :(
I'm sorry but I do think you definitely made the right decision in a timely manner. Sure wish more people thought that same way.
Thanks for the kind words. We miss him but i have no regrets. Getting ready for his kids to hit the ground in a month...looking forward to bitty-doat luvins
I have had three does die in the past couple of days. They look fine and the next day they are down and won't get up!
^^ I would start a new thread and maybe you can get some ideas on what it could be!
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