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A week ago, we caravaned with the rest of the Creston 4H club kids into the California Mid-State Fair for our granddaughter, Emily's, first-ever fair. Thirty years earlier, we took the same trip with her mother's market lamb. Washed, clipped and safely enclosed in the Portaguee Popper on the back of grandpa's truck, we joined the line behind five market hogs in a two horse trailer with no brake lights, and were followed by a home made trailer with two lambs. Emily confessed to butterflies in her tummy, but her smile told me she was ready. Monday was show day and we considered it a success. Sweet Pea, Recorded Grade Alpine and Star Bright, Registered Alpine both won Junior Champion in their divisions and Emily wasn't last in Showmanship. She's staying at our house, but is eating meals at the Creston camp and hanging out with friends. Last night, she was a runner for the replacement sale and on Sunday will be helping wrangle goats for the Round Robin. Oh, and Sweet Pea ate the bottom of her champion rosette. Good memories and fun times! I am one proud Nanna!


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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