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Encouraging Does to Come Into Heat.

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We do not own a buck, but we do have arrangements made for my yearling (1 year and 7 months to be exact) Alpine and 2 y.o Nubian to be taken to the buck whenever they come into heat. The only problem is that they have not come into heat yet! Last year, I never saw my Alpine doe in heat at all. Our Nubian came into heat the first time about this time, and was bred on her second heat on Holloween. She was always very loud and panicky, so that is how I was able to tell. I really want kids earlier this time though. I am going to start walking then down the road, past our neighbor's bucks a few times a week. The only issue is that I can't even smell them this year. If all else fails, I might end up ordering some CIDR's. Does anyone have any other suggestions?
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Some of these darn does are pretty crafty when in heat & hardly show it. Others like your Nub, can be a dead give away.
Get thyself a buck rag. Rub it all over his front legs & get some pee on it if you or the owner can.
You could try CDRs.
My last doe is with buck hollering as we speak but it's cause she is separated from her girlfriends.:rolleyes:
Are you using the same buck on both girls? Could he come stay at your house if you are breeding both to same buck?
A buck rag is a great idea! I will have to go ask my neighbor if I can rub her bucks down the next time I see her. :p

No, they are being bred to two different bucks for PB kids. They are also being 'used' often and are pretty valuable to their owners, so I don't think keeping them here is an option, unfortunately.
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