Enlarged Thyroid

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  1. Hi everyone!

    One of my senior does has come down with a little issue and I was wondering if anyone has seen something like it or knows how to treat it.

    here goes...

    Reba is an 11 year old, strong-willed purebred Nubian doe. She has a history of worm overloads and has always been underweight. She has been with me for the past 5 years and I have been diligently treating her worms (Ivomec, Quest+, and Valbazen), anemia (Red Cell), and helping her gain weight (plenty of rolled oats, alfalfa, and BOSS).

    Her left thyroid gland on her neck is enlarged. It feels like a glob of fat almost but is the size of a large fava bean (5-6 cm in length). It is only the left thyroid that is enlarged, not the right one.

    I doubt has an iodine deficiency because I believe both would be enlarged.
    She is CL and CAE negative. No recent weight loss or gain, she has a good appetite. She doesn't have a fever or anything that concerns me besides the enlarged gland.

    The vet says it could be a goiter, abscess or even tumor. I will drain it this week to test if it is an abscess.

    What do you think??? I'm pretty clueless : (

  2. nicolemackenzie

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    Dec 27, 2014
    Abcess or tumor...

    Do you have a picture?

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    Can you post a picture?
  4. Karen

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    Is it warm to the touch, or discolored at all?

    (Living without a thyroid myself, btw, swallow pills every day to compensate.)
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    Kelp never hurts! Not only rich in iodine but lots of other good nutrients. Good luck with her & let us know how things go!
  6. thanks for all the responses!

    not sure a picture would help... it's located under the skin. Right next to a cord-like thing that I believe to be the trachea.

    No discolor since you can't see it and it's about as warm as every other part of her.

    I will try to get a picture of it tomorrow although I doubt it will show up on camera.
    I have thought about painting it with iodine just to see what happens.... what could go wrong? btw, she has no interest in kelp

    Thanks everyone! Keep the suggestions rolling in
  7. toth boer goats

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    I would have a vet look at her, she may have an illness of some sort causing it.
  8. Thanks for the suggestions! I will be scheduling and appointment with the vet to look at the lump.

    I had a vet tech friend come draw it for me to see if it was an abscess. The syringe didn't come back with any pus but there is about .1cc of fluid, blood, and some tissue. She said that it probably isn't an abscess but could be a tumor or fatty tumor :(
    Definitely will be calling a vet for this one
  9. toth boer goats

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    Jul 20, 2008
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