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    Feb 23, 2017
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    The only instructions the vet gave me was to keep the stitches in for at least 2 weeks and to keep putting Terramycin in his eyes.

    I will try and see if he lets me do the cold compress but he hates me going near his eyes right now.

    I was afraid he was that young still. Yes, we tried to get him to take milk out of a bucket but he didn't seem interested even after I dipped his nose in it.
    What I have him on now is a baby beef pellet but I finally found someone that carries a goat grower ration that doesn't have corn or soy in so I'm going to be buying him some and switching him over to it.

    Yes, he's getting Cocci treatment. The vet thinks it was from everything changing all of a sudden and that he just needed time to adjust.
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  2. When we had a flock of Romney sheep we would run across this eye problem once in awhile. We had the teddy bear sheep with facial wool. We used a drop of antibiotic injected under the skin of the eye lid to swell it up and pull it off the eye. Always worked for us and once done was all that was needed. I probably would have a vet do it for me now - can't see as well as I used to and could hurt them.

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    Jun 7, 2020
    Give the little guy a cookie for me, he deserves it. He was thrown out because of his eye, brought home from a sale by you under the suspicion that it was only pinkeye, the you tell him he needs surgery!

    on second thought, you should get a cookie! (clap)

    Good luck!
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    Good job on helping the little guy. He deserves a good chance at survival.
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    I might still do this because the vet didn't do a great job and I just want to finish the job.
    He is enjoying life just free-ranging the yard, He now has a new nanny to watch over him while he plays and eats all day. No, it's not a goat! One of our dogs managed to get pregnant without us knowing and around 5 weeks' gustation she lost the litter and decided little redwood was her baby now! She follows him everywhere and sleeps with him at night, she only leaves him when she knows where he is and can see him.
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    Wow. Your little boy is so lucky. Yu are so blessed with the perfect nanny
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    Jun 7, 2020
    That is so sweet! good things come out of tragedy’s like you dogs miscarriage. Not to say that was a good thing to happen to the pup but now you have a baby sitter/adopted momma for redwood! You are blessed and I will be praying for y’all.
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    Poor little guy has had a rough start in life. Since he won't take a bottle..i would give him a bit of calf manna with his grain to help his weight gain. When we lost Nikkita leaving her 2 month old doeling..calf manna helped keep her condition as she adapted to no milk.
    Glad he's in caring hands.

    Best wishes
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    How is Redwood growing? How are his eyes?
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