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Essential oil question

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Is bitter orange the same thing as orange essential oils? I see all sorts of plain orange, but almost no bitter orange. I need it in at least an ounce bottle, since I have a large herd.

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I am getting the same EO I have used for several years, so yes, I trust it. It has worked for me all this time, though I know there are a lot of weak and fake ones out there. Good advice, forewarned is forearmed.

I was curious if all the orange EO had the same effect on worms? I see bitter, sweet, wild, blood and one other, I forgot the name but it was a country. And, is orange peels another way to give it to them? I've been cutting them up and adding them to their warm beet pulp mash for years because they really like it, though they won't eat the peels or fruit plain. Brats.

I've been using the bitter orange along with the chemical dewormer when needed, and I feed oregano in their grain mix, as they like that much better than the oregano EO. I use the oregano more for disease prevention, but I know it also repels worms. Because of the weather being warmer than usual, my goats are having a bout of barber pole worms.
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I either get them from Amazon or my local health food store.
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