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I keep 2 Alpine bucks and 3 pet wethers about 2 miles away at my old family farm. They are in a converted big chicken coop with a huge fenced in yard, next to the old bank barn and milk house. I generally check them every eve. and give fresh hay and dump the old water out, the regular stuff.

Sun. eve. it was around 9 pm when I got up there- I have a clamp light I hook on the door to the old milk house. I also had a little headlamp on my hat- All of a sudden, I had something dive bombing my forehead and face! What the??? :shocked: Once I saw what they were, I knew I was in trouble!

European Hornets- they fly at night and are attracted to white light! They also sting like the dickens- my step dad got stung and ended up at the Emergency Room. They are about an inch long and fat- black and yellow and mean! And they follow you, even when you turn off the lights! It's like they can smell you or something!

Apparently, they must have stung one of the goats because I couldn't get any of them to get tied up by the old barn, where they get some grain. (I think the hornets live under the siding!)..

Anyway- if you have them- be cautious at night! Incredible...
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