Evil Listeriosis

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    Jul 8, 2013
    This may be a long post but it may save a goat. Two weeks ago I got a frantic call from my husband saying one of my goats was having seizures. My heart sank. My first kid, now 1 1/2 yr old, Cleo was having seizures, darting/rolling eyes, unable to stand. My first search told me it was Polio. An hour later I came across Listeriosis. It said if you weren't sure to treat for both. I got Thiamine from my vet. He said if it was Polio that she should be showing signs of improvement in a few hours. I was dishearted when she didn't shows any signs of getting better. I figured if the shot of Thiamine didn't help it must be Listeriosis. This disease is not for the faint of heart. I cried watching her try and try to move, to only seize up and cry. The good news is that she is now improving everyday!! I gave her 10cc of penicillin the first night. 5cc 3 times a day for 7 days. 5cc twice a day for 7 days. Tomorrow I'm sure she will be glad to only be getting poked once. I plan to do 5cc once a day until she is 100% better. She has gone from immobile, crying in pain to walking around grazing(granted it is not graceful) and tonight she cried for her food. She knew I was coming! (With her shot of course and food) I can only hope this information helps someone else.
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    Glad you caught it quickly and acted fast. I hope she fully recovers for you.

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    Good job, you acted quickly!! Do contiue the thiamine as well....Thanks for shareing!!
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    Absolutely, your experience can help others!
    Polio and Listeria are 2 of the most dramatic illnesses when it comes to the neurologic symptoms and can be very scary to see, once treatment starts though and the symptoms diminish, the goat has a good recovery outcome. Catching it quickly is the key for a better recovery :)
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    Good work, catching it early is very crucial. Thanks for sharing.
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    Great catch Moley!!
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    I've read a dozen goat books. None of them mentioned Polio or Listeriosis. I know what to watch for now.