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  1. its been a week, and i no longer feel the pangs of regret as i did immediately after purchasing this doe and kids. but once i got her home, i stared at her hindquarters for a long time and wept internally at how weak they are. She's probably six + years old and delivered twins five weeks ago. A rescue. clearly anemic and needs better body condition. the rescue woman i bought her from had NO clue about goats but was doing the best she could considering her ignorance. I decided to buy the doe because she has a very healthy appetite, active rumen, no diarrhea and has extensive bloodwork done by the previous owner that cleared her for CL, johnes and all that.

    my question: is this doe's hindquarters/legs just weak from years of abuse or genetics?

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  2. Tanya

    Tanya Well-Known Member

    As some one who deals with rescues. I cannot believe she was left in such poor state. You will help her get back to her beautiful self. It looks like her past made her condition weak. Her babies look ok.

  3. 21goaties

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    Mar 13, 2018
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    Poor goatie! ❤️
    I bet she will look a ton better after some TLC.
  4. I will do my Absolute best! it's just her hindlegs are unbelievably posty??? its like her hips are tucked in. reminds me of soft pre-delivery tendons. im hoping mineralizing her will help. got some more selenium and copper on the way to help
  5. toth boer goats

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    Bless you for taking her in.

    I would get a fecal for worms and cocci for her and her kids in case.
    They have been stressed and her kids too.
    If she and her kids are parasite free, good feed, love , minerals will help them. But slowly introduce it.

    Check for lic/mites.
  6. i absolutely will, thank you <3
    finished cocci treatment on her and the bebs last week and wormed again this week. apparently she's been wormed with cydectin in the past. i dont mind chemical treatments but am going to try the LOH route as well.
    The rescuer fed all the goats out of an empty kiddy-pool(where the kids were sleeping too). some sort of crumbles with cracked corn and molasses that smelled Disgusting. she's done extremely well with the feed change and introduction to actual pasture to browse. The first impression I got from her was that she had to have a "rumen of steel" to survive prev owners
  7. ksalvagno

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    I'd start with giving selenium supplement. Give it time to work.
  8. NigerianDwarfOwner707

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    May 17, 2018
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    Oh poor thing. Definitely order some land of Havilah’s and get a fecal test done. Check her FAMACHA score. Start her on two cloves of garlic daily.

    I would start her on Replamin plus gel, this will be for selenium but most other minerals as well. Make sure she has a loose mineral too.

    Looks like she could use a bolus too, but let me check the pics one more time.

    What’s she being fed?
  9. loose minerals, red cell and a daily dose of relamin for the past week is a check!
    all her winter hair appears to be shed, but she def needs a bolus (which i will administer as soon as her week of redcell doses are over, i guess)

    her winter coat seems to be shed, but she def needs more copper. OH AND im working on her hooves, which were WILDLY overgrown and might of led to her weak hindquarters??
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  10. Moers kiko boars

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    Apr 22, 2018
    Just a suggestion..since she has kidds and her conditioning needs help. Possibly some Dyne added to her feed would help address her loss of muscle. To me she looks like shes had toooo many pregnancies back to back. Give her a year off.with.your love and fantastic care..we wouldnt recognise her. :squish:
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  11. toth boer goats

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  12. Tanya

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    I agree. This lasy needs a rest from everything. Well donr to you for rescuing har and her squeecky toys. She will be more fleshy once she gets everything she needs. Good luck and keep us posted.
  13. goatblessings

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    In regard to her posty legs and steep rump - it could be genetics but it also be some nerve damage from kidding. I would KSU give her some top line loose minerals and some vitamin ADE along with the bo-se or replamin.
  14. 21goaties

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    :up: :nod:
  15. SalteyLove

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    @That_Girl - you can't post that title without telling us how much you spent on her!

    I recently made a $275 purchase and it may turn out to be a mistake, a few more weeks should tell. My mistake was also with an owner who did not have a good grasp on proper dewormer use. I did somewhat consider it a rescue as her FAMACHA was white but really the price was quite good (disease tested, ABGA registered.)

    Got any photos of the feet before or after? I'm interested if she regains her rear leg angle!

    She does seem a bit hunched up in a couple photos so I bet conformation improves as she feels better and stretches out.

    Photos of her teeth for age check?
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  16. Jessica84

    Jessica84 Well-Known Member

    Oct 27, 2011
    Oh poor mama! Really there is so much unknown about her it’s hard to tell but she definitely needs some condition on her.
    How old are the kids? I would make a creep feeder and get them started. Creep feeders are the absolute best invention ever! The more grain and hay those kids eat the less they will demand of mom. They won’t not nurse her but they won’t depend on her being pretty close to their sole source of food. When I first made a creep feeder for my kids I saw a HUGE difference in my does that seem to always give it all to their kids keeping condition on them.
    Moers mentioned dyne. I absolutely swear by that stuff! It is very high in fat, and other goodies but it’s also a high energy supplement as well. Anything around here that needs some extra weight or they just don’t feel good gets dyne. I just started a twin calf that was hidden for over a week so I didn’t know about him because mom came in with her other calf, so I had no reason to assume she had twins, anyways by the time she did bring him in he was VERY weak and thin and I was holding my breath he would life. A week and a half on dyne and he’s not just filled out but he is running and bucking and you never would guess he was as bad as he was. Seriously I could write a book on how great that stuff is.
    For the weakness though she may be older then they think, maybe she had a injury, malnutrition causing her to be weak (dyne I’m telling you!) or genetics. The reason why we want to pick goats with good conformation is because over time that conformation can lead to issues like this when they get older. But it sounds like she is in good hands. It may have been a bad buy but only time will tell and your giving her one heck of a chance
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  17. oh yes, she's def getting some time off. honestly im surprised she's made it this long. and i will look into dyne! i've never heard of it before!

    you bet i will! she's not extremely interested in the loose minerals but she's been getting the replamin daily. I have injectable vitamins a&d but ive never used them, i need to research them more.

    saltey, i paid $600 for this doe + kids. which was ... generous. the woman selling them thought she could get ALL the money she put into these goats back, and i, myself loathe being talked down from asking price so i just went with it. she'll get a reality check soon enough without my help.

    from what i understand, this doe's feet where terrible but have been trimmed by a farrier a few months ago, as well as on the second day at my place. they're looking much better and i honestly hope it helps her physically.

    teeth! they've still got a sharp angle, its just hard to see from this picture.

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  18. thank you all for the input, i feel much more confident with real goat-pros advice!
  19. SalteyLove

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    Jun 18, 2011
    New England
  20. NigerianDwarfOwner707

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    May 17, 2018
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    Can we see the teeth straight on and parallel? Can’t see the fronts.