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  1. thank you! im not really doing much aside from feeding her. she's definitely muscling up while grazing on our hilly pastures tho she avoids the very steep parts for some reason... she had some edema last month so i weighed her and wormed with cydectin-- 120lbs! hard to believe her boney butt weighs that much. speaking of her rump-- ive tricked myself into believing it looks not as pinched as it was? not that the changes would be Drastic but

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    Apr 22, 2018

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    She’s looking a lot better, good job!
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    From what I see in the photos, she has a bad case of mis-meal colic. It sounds like you are doing everything possible to bring her back to health. Just don't get impatient and over do on your support supplements. I would suggest that you let her have access to good minerals and she will get what she needs her self. On the selenium and other force fed minerals don't over do and cause her digestive tract issues. Easy on the BOSS also or you will have loose poop. So what I am trying to say is she didn't get into this condition over night and it will take time for her to recover. The sooner you can wean the kids off the better for her recovery. You have gotten lots of great advice in the other posts so good luck with her.
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    She looks better than her first appearance. Be patient and consistant. Not overly obsessive with speed. You will find she will happily get well and make you a happy goat momma.
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    She is definitely looking better (dance):clapping:
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  8. i will do more research on this! its frustrating because she's anemic and ive been giving her red cell + vit B complex regularly along with cydectin (2cc per 11lbs) BUT she's twenty days in and STILL occasionally having bottle jaw after she grazes! i dont want to stop the iron supplements yet but i dont want to inundate her with too many minerals...

    after worming with cydectin she's not had any bottle jaw issues. she's about 115lbs and still in need of weight. consistently she's had a great appetite! she's actually been playing recently with the herd queen and i was stunned! her winter coat has come in great and is hiding some of her bones but she's still making progress i feel.

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    She is beautiful!
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    (highfive)This is awesome! May God bless you for taking her in and caring for her the way you did!
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    I think she looks a lot better! You can actually see her pretty dorsal stripe now that you've worked on her copper deficiency
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    Shes coming along nicely. THANKYOU!
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    Great job! I am happy for her and you!
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    Look at the smile on that goat's face. Lets you know shes in a much better place.