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    Here's the background: We bought 2 does from a gentleman last October 8th. He had a buck in with the does from August 30th until October 7th. One of our does kidded last week (kids are 1wk, 1 day old now) and my other doe has no signs at all of kidding anytime soon.
    She isn't huge like my other doe was but she has had kidded 1 baby before so it's possible that she could only have 1 in there.
    At this point, I am not going to do a blood test as she is so close to either having a baby or not that I'm not going to waste the money on a test.
    Here's my question: given the dates that the buck was in with her, what is the LATEST possible day she could kid?
    I'm sure someone is going to ask for a picture ;) and I will try to get one up by tomorrow. (The internet at our house is poor and sometimes I have a hard time with photos.)
    I'm not so much asking "does she look pregnant", just if she was, what would be the last viable day that she could kid.
    Thank you so very much!!
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    Wow!! I guess I just thought that she would have been bred WAY earlier than October 7th but I guess it's possible she could be bred that late?
    I just figured that if the buck went in on the 30th of August that she probably came into heat within the first 3 weeks. I guess it could have been later? What are those chances?
    Based on the history from that farm (from the last 3 years) all of the does were bred within the buck being in for 2 weeks (approximately). I'm hopeful for babies!!!
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    Barring actual witnessed mating, the last day the buck was around is the last day she could have been bred. Does don't always have regular heats, and they don't always settle right away, and if they settle, they don't always have a viable pregnancy and abort. So the last day of possible breeding would be the last day the buck was there.