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    So I was thinking, I want to start a journal with medications and their uses so I stop forgetting dosages, and what I should use in a certain event.

    I thought it could be neat to have a topic where everyone can list medicines they have used - what they were used for <only if they work for the problem!!!>, the dosage recommendation <and if it's safe for newborns>.

    I know there are good websites out there with information, but I trust you all over other people :wink:

    You don't have to list every single thing you use, but you can start with one or two effective treatments...

    I hope this isn't a bad idea? But I'd sure like to put together a journal especially for those times I may not be able to ask anyone <my DSL modem has been tempermental and needs replaced as soon as I can take it in --- for example!!>.

    And I'm sure other newbies and others can find this info handy :)
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    Awesome idea!

    Mix 4oz olive oil with 20 drops Eucalyptus oil. Apply to affected area and mange will be gone usually with one treatment.

    Thiamine 3cc/100#
    6cc Penn/100#
    Dex 1cc/50#(only 1 time per day)
    I give every 4 hours until there is some improvement. Then I move to every 6-8 hours depending on the goat.

    Pink eye:
    Gentacin Spray(RX item)-spray one squirt into affected eye once daily until clear.

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