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I've never been on an extended trek, but for shelter you can probably do fine with just a tarp and whatever nature provides. Remember that your goat is hardier than you, and if you can stand the weather, he can stand it better. I kept my goat in a horse pasture for years with no shelter at all (except under a horse's belly), with some nights being -20 degrees F. He wore earmuffs to guard against frostbite in those extreme conditions, but he never had trouble keeping weight. We fed good hay once a day and no grain.

I would not feed a goat dog food even though they like it and will gobble it up. It's not made for goats, and while I'm sure having a little from time to time will not hurt them, it should not be part of their regular diet. Depending on the work load, the amount of vegetation in the area, and time of year, you *may* not need to bring food for your goat so long as he is able to wander about and browse freely. If you were basing your camp in my area in summer, for example, I'd say don't bother. But if vegetation is sparse where you are going, you will need to bring hay. You don't want your goat destroying the environment! Nor do you want him to lose weight on insufficient browse.

You can get hay in bales, cubes, or pellets, depending on which is easier for you. But don't feed grain to make up for lack of hay! Depending on the work load and his metabolism, your goat may not need any grain at all. Better to feed no grain and work up to it if/when he looks like he needs it, because you don't want to encourage urinary tract stones or weight problems. I always prefer to feed more hay before I add grain. Make sure he's always got plenty of clean, fresh water available.

For emergency supplies, I'd do a word search on these forums and see what you come up with because I know there have been several threads where people have discussed what they keep in their first aid kits. Good luck!
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