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This is a great topic and I hope you get some additional responses from some of our experienced goat keepers.
I would lean towards getting an Alpine or Alpine Wether Cross breed for your expedition. The Alpine and it's crosses are very hardy adaptable critters. They can handle the heat and the cold and can survive in almost any enviroment. Also get a horned Wether so he can protect himself from small predators and dogs. If you leave your Goat alone for extended periods of time he will become lunch for cougars or wolf packs that find him unattended.

Goats have survived in Africa for hundreds of years and can adapt very quickly to the food sources available - desert, wooded and alpine climate. Goats can go for several days without water if needed but they need fresh water daily.

Get the first aid for goats handbook by Carolyn Eddy. You can order it from Northwest Packgoat Supplies. I would pack in some mineral mix for a long stay over thirty days. Also some activated charcoal tubes for poisonous plants if he gets sick.

In a true survival situation a goat could save your life and can serve as an MRE. A full grown wether could feed two people for a week.

Good luck with your adventure.

"long Live The Pack Goat"

Curtis King Burbank WA.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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