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Hey all,

I posted earlier in the year about lice and least I initially thought the goats had lice, but then it looked more like scabies (the first goat had hair loss and scabs), and then I saw what looked like nits, so honestly, I have no idea.

Anyway, I've used Ivomec, and also canola oil for a slightly more natural (and 10x more messy) treatment. The canola oil appears to be working--I have one pygmy that started losing hair, but since I started putting the canola oil on, the hair is growing back.

My main concern is that I was planning on selling a couple of the goats in 4-6weeks, and I don't want to sell anyone a goat with lice or scabies!

How can I be sure they pesky critters are gone?

Any reccommended treatment plan?

I'd really like to get these bugs out of here as soon as possible! :)

Thanks in advance!!


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I would do 3 Ivomec shots, 10 days apart. That should truly take care of the problem. But you need to give the shots and not orally.

It does sound like they are taken care of though. The scabs can take a while to heal up. And it also takes the skin a while to heal up.
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