Washington F1 Mini Alpine Doe & Nigerian Dwarf Doe

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    SnR's Farm still has a 2017 F1 Mini Alpine doe for sale. We are cutting her (River's) price from $350.00 to $275.00 to move her fast as she is the last kid from this years kidding season and we need her to find a home.

    We are also offering up one of our bred Nigerian Dwarf does (SnR's Back up Betty) to go with her as a companion if you don't have other goats to keep her company. For the pair we are asking $350.00. The only reason that the package deal is listed this low for the pair is because we sold Betty in 2013 and then got her back in 2017 when buyers could no longer take care of her do to one of their daughters being ill and in & out of the hospital. If you have other goats and do not need a companion for River, we will keep Betty and kid her out.

    SnR's OL Enchanted Blue River (Blue eyed - chocolate cou clair - F1 Mini Alpine doe - born May 8, 2017) Was asking $350.00 now asking $275.00. She is registered with MDGA. She is registered as a Grade Mini Alpine due to her DDD (Dam's Dam's Dam) not being registered.
    • River's Sire (SnR's Legendary Out Law) 2017 Linear Appraisal: age: 01-05, Score: VVV86
    • River's Dam wasn't appraised do to tattoo's being unreadable.
    • River's SD (SnR's Little Pixie Peach Girl) 2017 Linear Appraisal: age: 03-00, Score: +V+V86
    • River's SDDD (C-Springs Bleubelle) was appraised in 2017. Her 2017 Linear Appraisal: age: 09-07, Score: VEEE90
    • River's DSS (CH Tempo Aquila Rich Legacy) was appraised in 2017. His 2017 Linear Appraisal: age: 05-03, Score: EEE92
    • River's DSD (Iroquois-KC Annie's Apparition) was appraised in 2012. Her 2012 Linear Appraisal: age: 03-05, Score: EEEV90
    SnR's Back Up Betty (Dark gold/red - Nigerian Dwarf doe - born March 31, 2013)
    • Betty's DD (C-Springs Bleubelle) was appraised in 2017. Her 2017 Linear Appraisal: age: 09-07, Score: VEEE90
    • Betty's SS (SGCH Mystic Acres Snapdragon) was appraised in 2011. His 2011 Linear Appraisal: age: 09-02, Score: VEE88
    • Betty has been running with our blue eyed Nigerian Dwarf buck SnR's Legendary Out Law since September 19th.
    Our herd tested negative for CAE & Johne's Disease. We have paper work we can show up on request to prove this.

    For more on these Doe's, see our website at: snrsfarm.webs.com
    P5202844 (2).JPG P5202850 (2).JPG 00y0y_hQi41F9BgEm_600x450.jpg 00I0I_8YmRNt3KOcr_600x450.jpg
    00i0i_4xxpc2SLSbE_600x450.jpg 00Z0Z_dTShHLrSy6p_600x450.jpg
    Out Law ~ River's Sire and Sire to Betty's un born kids.
    P6253244 (2).JPG
    Out Law's Dam ~ SnR's Little Pixie Peach Girl P9101163.JPG
    Out Law's Dam's Dam's Dam ~ C-Springs Bleubelle
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