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Failing famacha scores

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This evening I had a little xtra time on hand so at feeding time since I had goats caught in different pens, I did a rough over on three or four of my wethers and nannies. This is where I do a famacha check, feel for lumps or something that’s not right. After checking two wethers and two nannies I found all four a borderline 4 scale. I always watch stools after feeding and everyone is popping pellets. It hasn’t been over 3-4 weeks since some of them were wormed with Cydectin. They appear to be normal except for the famacha score. Some might need a little copper bolus which I am set to do this weekend. Do you think giving a shot of thiamine one day and 3 follow up days with B complex shots would be in order? Also would give 5-7 ml of Red Cell depending on weights. ???
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While thiamine won't hurt...b 12 is better for anemia. You might run a fecal on the low score ones..a booster dewormer maybe needed. Anemia support is needed for those scoring 4 to 5. Do you have a cobalt block out? That really seems to help.
Agree with the cobalt block. It really helps mountain healthy blood cells.
I agree with the others.
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